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Meet the Author

Training and Performance Improvement Technologist and a Graduate Professor. Doctoral mentor and Author

 Dr.Barnett has assisted numerous individuals who have successfully completed their PhD journey.



Dr. Claudia Barnett is a Performance Improvement Technologist. A seasoned Consulting professional in Adult Learning theory, Dr. Barnett, understands the nuances along with the challenges that organizations and individuals face as they seek ways to increase their performance. An on-purpose strategist, Dr. Barnett works closely with individuals as well as organizations to determine the performance gap and apply specific strategies to achieve the next desired level.

Dr. Barnett holds a Ph.D., in Training and Performance Improvement from Capella University, Certification in the area of Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University, a master’s degree in industrial organizational Developmental Psychology and Human Behavior from Kean University, along with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Lehman College.

Dr. Barnett was trained in Performance Improvement and Change Management for organizations that were undergoing major transitions. As a passion, Dr. Barnett has focused on the Psychology of an organization along with the techniques needed for improved performance. Dr Barnett’s cumulative skills allow her to pinpoint the immediate concerns of the organization that she is assisting as they transition to their positive goals.

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