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how "The dissertation process" can guide you!

Have you ever considered pursuing a doctoral degree?
Do you know what to expect?

 If you are currently enrolled in a doctoral program and are facing challenges, this book is for YOU!


When prepared, you become more knowledgeable. This book gives you an edge for improved performance and can serve as a springboard for any doctoral program.

Laptop and Paperwork

step by step guidance...

A Step by Step Mentored Guide captures the
essence and feelings of those who are going
through the emotional challenges as a result of
entering a doctoral program. From the selection of
your topic to the actual defense, this book provides
you with strategic plans designed to help you

a deeper look..

You will discover the "unspoken" about
the doctoral journey and have a realistic step-by-step
guide through the various stages of your dissertation.
Dr. Barnett understands what it takes to be
adequately prepared.

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